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At what point did my online life become my real one?  Was it the first time I stayed up all night worrying about the pain of someone I knew only through a message board and email? Was it the day Paul (whom at that point I had never met and to whom I'd perhaps hadn't yet spoken to) wrote an email whispering he loved me and I realized I was in love with him too?  Was it when I traveled across the country to be sparkle and Chris's wedding? Was it the day my online friends outnumbered friends from all the other areas of my life put together? 

I have no idea when it happened, really.  But it happened such a long time ago now. And so today, reading that Casey had a happy moment, hearing that Natty had a good day, picking up a usenet friend at the train station and having her here with me, I know any attempt to separate "online" from "real" life is meaningless and incorrect.  The people I've gotten to know first through the internet know more of me better than any other people ever have.  It's wonderful to meet in person, but knowing someone online is enough for them to become important, to become that small part of me I think of as a friend.

This is all my real life. 

And mostly tonight I'm just glad to read about Casey and Natty.  

7 thoughts on “Online Life

  1. Zille Defeu

    To add to your happy online/real mixiness, I’ve been doing really well recently, and lots of play has resumed in my life. (I’ll write about it on my blog at some point!)
    I just hope to hear you saying that, soonest!

  2. Season

    Thanks for sharing your reflections on this, Mija. You’ve got me thinking. Delurking on spanking blogs was just a lark for me about 3 years ago. I had no idea what I would be getting myself into with that action. And now I am engaged to a wonderful man I met out here in blogdom! We share a circle of friends here who know more about us and our romance than most of the people in our face-to-face life ever will. Strange to think of that. Several have become very dear friends of ours off-blog and new friends appear all the time. I think there are a collection of blogs out here that are much like a neighborhood. It’s fun to go for a “walk” and stop by to visit the neighborblogs and chat over the back fence.

  3. Mija

    That definitely makes me happy to hear. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your and SleekImager’s filming adventures and talking about how good life can be.

  4. Eliane

    “Knowing someone online is enough for them to become important”.
    Mija, that truly is a lovely and important sentiment. This community builds very strong friendsships online, and we all very much enjoy and value each other’s friendship even if we’ve yet to meet in real life. It was something I’d never encountered to such a degree until I discovered the spanko world on line, but it’s something I value highly now.

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