So what’s up lately?

Lately?  Lately hasn't been very kinky, but not in a bad way.  I've been caught up in getting ready to graduate — planning a huge party for next month.  It's not that I have that many friends, but my extended family, once I get beyond the nuclear, is very very big. Guess that's what happens when Irish and Mexicans marry and both stay in California forever. 

I've also been doing some professional stuff, trying to get myself ready to go on the job market next fall. Fall seems forever away as it isn't even summer yet, but I know from last year how fast it all sneaks up. And then there's looking for a job to tide me over next academic year as my current job runs out in August. As my therapist remarks, who wouldn't be stressed out under the circumstances?  Therapy is going well too, though my therapist keeps remarking on my tendency to beat myself up, or "use a stick" which I always find a bit disconcerting given that she does know about my masochistic tendencies. 

In other news, my dad is still living with us. I'm not sure about Paul but I've made peace with this.  The truth is, as much as I miss our privacy, I love seeing him every day and will miss him when he finally is able to move out. He reminds me how much my family has always loved me, even when, at times, it's felt otherwise. 

So even without regular spankings, life is good.  And see, because of Paul, I live in a world where spankings are always possible even when they aren't actually happening.

This, in fact, suits me fine.  

Life is good. 

6 thoughts on “So what’s up lately?

  1. Kaelah

    It’s good to hear that you are well despite of the lack of regular spankings. Enjoy your party, given that you are obviously someone who “beats herself up / uses a stick” (I think I would crack up laughing, thinking: Nope, but I’ve got someone to this for me if I want it! 😉 ), you should at least have the chance to celebrate the result of your hard work!

  2. Mija

    LOL. The first time she did it I thought she was making a joke and looked up smiling only to realize she wasn’t. Either she has a really dry sense of humor or she just doesn’t remember / realize the association she’s making for me.
    It’s going to be fun to celebrate. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself now that I don’t have a constant sense of guilt about working (or not working) on my dissertation.

  3. Emma Jane

    “And see, because of Paul, I live in a world where spankings are always possible even when they aren’t actually happening.”
    This comment reminds me of the life that I saw on the Tree House, how you had spankings without spankings through your stories to each other.
    Lovely to hear that things are good right now. I really hope that I get to meet you and Paul soon. Fingers crossed I might make it to SL this year 😉

  4. Mija

    I hope you make it to Shadow Lane too. It would be wonderful to get to meet you. Perhaps we could organize a some kind of brunch of bloggers. 🙂
    And as ever, thank you for your kind thoughts about the Treehouse. It’s neglected and probably a bit overgrown these days, but I still hold it dear.


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