School Ties

Eight days from today I’m going to be hooded by my Ph.D. advisor.  The ceremony marks my official leaving university as a Ph.D. myself.  It’s been a long time coming and I’m very excited.

While I’m going to be wearing a very cool vintage dress for my party the next day, thanks to the wonderful Lucy McLean of Northern Spanking fame, on Thursday, under my robes, I’m going to wear a black pleated skirt, white stiff-collared shirt and a tie striped in my school colors.  Though I am wearing black sling backs rather than saddle shoes, the idea of wearing bits of my school uniform under my doctoral robes while I’m being hooded just feels right.

I got into the scene with my first halting delurk back in 1997, just when I was starting my M.A.  I’ve worn school uniforms in some variation to vanilla Halloween parties and even some graduate seminars. So I’m going to wear bits of it next week on the last day I can ever think of myself as a “real” student.

As to the question, will I be wearing school knickers or simple plain white panties underneath it all?  I haven’t decided.  Maybe I’ll let Paul pick.

6 thoughts on “School Ties

  1. Alan

    Must have a pretty pink bottom under those knickers and robe as well . Otherwise the outfit isnt complete. 🙂

  2. Miami lasik surgery

    I always hate wearing school ties, this was my nightmare at school, why they force girls to wear ties,it’s not enough that boys wear them. I prefer a scarf instead of tie or nothing it’s better.

  3. caroline grey

    Big congrats! You’ve really earned this. And I just love the idea of wearing your uniform under your robes. 🙂


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