Coffee, Spanking and Shadow Lane

[Wasn’t this blog topic a wonderful chance to use this classic coffee advertisement?]

Those of you who know me in real life or on Twitter know that I have a pretty intense relationship with coffee.  I don’t like getting up  in the morning, but the knowledge that when I do I get to have a cup of coffee with a bit of half-and-half and three Splenda packets lures me out of bed. I usually start tweeting with my first cup and feel a lovely glow about half way through it.

Twitter has added to my coffee ritual. Here, every morning over coffee, are many of my lovely spanking peeps, also having coffee and getting ready for the day (or dinner and getting ready for the night in the case of the UK folks).  It helps me live a bit of my fantasy that we all live in a lovely (semi-)functional spanking community.  Later in the day I sometimes meet up on Twitter for an afternoon coffee and bit more tweeting.

But once a year I get to do more than that. At Shadow Lane, there’s a coffee bar in the ground floor of the casino. Every morning, when I wake up, I can text friends and have them show up to drink coffee with me.  For a weekend every year I get to live in a spanking community.

This past year, Shadow Lane 2011 was great. As Kaelah wote, I met her and Ludwig (and was caned by her very own hand — well her very own hand holding one of Paul’s canes). I also spanked Indy in a lovely scene witnessed and encouraged by Paul and Judy. Yet, as ever, some of my very favorite moments of the party were the informal ones, chatting about scene, life and everything else, while sipping coffee with friends old and new.


Many thanks to padme and @bronte_a0a for inspiring this post.


4 thoughts on “Coffee, Spanking and Shadow Lane

  1. padmeamidala

    I really enjoyed tweeting with you and being able to have a coffee together even through the internet. 🙂 I hope to be able to make it to Shadow Lane next year. I’m glad you had such a good time!

  2. Bronte

    Oh, well done! Full points for combining coffee and spanking.
    How’s this? If we all find ourselves at Shadow Lane next year, I’ll shout us a round of morning coffee.
    (disclaimer: I’ve never been and might be a bit cowardly but feeling that I ‘know’ a few people might make things easier)

  3. Mija

    I hope you decide to come. It was hard for me the first few times, but I always had fun.
    And the way to my heart is definitely coffee-flavored.


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