Firsts Friday: Implements

Ah, a girl and her toys.

Once upon a time I couldn’t see kinky toys for sale without wanting to buy something. Of course I didn’t have much money and had less discrimination so I bought a lot of not-very-good toys, but still. I still remember the rush of naughty excitement when I bought my first spanking toy.

I bought it at the now-sadly-defunct Magick and Fetish Shop at Sunset Junction in Hollywood. The owner had belts, floggers and all sorts of interesting things (including a combination incense burner and punishment stick) but I gravitated toward the hairbrush.  It was a simple wooden brush with black bristles. A true hairbrush, probably designed for a man.  I should have had it tested on me first because it also had a series of three or four deep grooves carved into the back.  These acted like holes on a paddle and made the brush very painful.  While it was my first toy and I was thrilled to buy it, I was less thrilled when it got used on me.  In fact I hated it and not in any sort of good way.  Fortunately someone else had it tried on them and loved it so I happily gave it to her — with both hands, no-take-backs.

At this past Shadow Lane I bought a small and very pretty paddle for me to use when I spank people. It even came with its own flowered bag.  It’s not to be used on me, but rather to be used by me.  So far I’ve only used it on Indy (who vouched for it being effective despite its small size).  I’ll take a picture of it and post it here someday. Meanwhile you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s a beautiful thing.

Can you remember the first implement you bought? Were you a better shopper than me? Do you still have it


Indy played along.

6 thoughts on “Firsts Friday: Implements

  1. Molly B

    The very first toys I bought were pervertables from Wal-Mart. I even bought pingpong balls (which I gave to my friend’s cat) to disguise the 1 ping pong paddle. I think there was also a misguided rubber spatula, and I can’t recall what else. It was before I’d even seen another spanko face-to-face. I was going to experiment with self-spanking.
    Oddly, I can’t be absolutely sure about the first dedicated spanko toy I bought. I think it was the fiercesome furry paddle (furry on one side, stingy black leather on the other), and I think I bought it in SF in the company of 2 pervs I’d just met for the first time there. Sadly, this paddle has endured much mockery.
    Shortly afterwards, I got a red ShadowLane leather strapish/paddleish thing. And a leather strappy thing from Magick and Fetish. And a hunk of wood that I really think should be cut into drink coasters or something useful. I have some nice stuff from Sorodz. And a couple of weird massage bongers (all thud).
    Can’t remember the order of the other acquisitions, but I was a toyslut for a while, within the bounds of finances.
    I now have a nice collection of stuff I never use. Literally. I have a few things that have never been used including pretty blue cuffs and a crystal cane. And in all my travels, I’ve only lost 1 toy, and I kind of miss that one. It’s 3 short, thin, flexible black rods held togethter at the top. It left interesting lines. And with 2, you could kind of play drums. One of these days, I’m gonna have to start using stuff again or else give it away.

  2. Mija

    I’m all for your making an effort to play more often. Interestingly, though I do play often, most of our toys don’t get used — especially my very beautiful cuffs.
    Do get rid of the hunk of wood. I’m sure someone somewhere could use it.

  3. Molly B

    What? No further comment on the Furry Paddle? Funny thing is that as I thought about a lot of my toys, I realized that you were with me when I bought a lot of them, definitely most of the ones I bought in person rather than online or by phone.

  4. Mija

    I felt like enough jokes had been made at the expense of your paper towel spindle — I mean, furry paddle. And yes, we have bought quite a few together. Though I refuse to take the blame for your hairbrush paddle.


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