Networking Meets Spanking

Today is a short blog entry as I’m killer tired from spending the day at a giant (80 people!!) birthday party for my only just two-year-old niece. I almost didn’t write anything despite my pledge to write daily this month but I wanted to share something.

I finally did something I’ve been meaning to do for far too long; I joined The Spanking Bloggers Network. It’s a wonderful community of bloggers who write about, yes you guessed it, spanking.  There’s lot’s of members (more than one hundred) so I can hardly be accused of being an early adopter. I had considered doing it a while ago, but as this blog is frequently about topics other than spanking, I wasn’t sure I really belonged. Then when I was convinced I did, I put it off and, well we know how that goes. But today it’s done and this blog and The Punishment Book are sporting the network’s nifty chalkboard button.

I confess, my schoolgirl heart dearly loves the way it looks.  Coincidence?  My lovely friend Zille joined just before me. 🙂

    =0=0=0=     =0=0=0=    =0=0=0=

Also, my parents are currently staying with Paul and me.  A few hours ago they went out and, feeling tired and unsettled I asked for a spanking.  It was a hard, over the knee hand spanking and left me whimpering from the sting. After I felt better, both because I’d been spanked and, I think, because it felt like we were claiming the house as ours.

But mostly I’m recording this because I asked for a spanking and I admitted I needed it. That doesn’t happen very often.

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