Recent Search Terms

There are the usual:

  • hand spanking
  • hand tawsing
  • shadow lane parties
  • Niki Flynn
  • Alex Birch

There are the not surprising:

  • short pants caning
  • hands strapped punished
  • fetish saddle shoes
  • spanked in uniform
  • the sting and cut of the cane

And then there are the odd:

  • dallas spanks hard for amelie rutherford (odd in the sense that I had no idea these words came together anywhere on this blog. Until now I mean.)
  • bob dylan spanked (I just can’t imagine this one.)
  • scott o’rourke art (I don’t even know who this is.)
  • collar tied shut (You’re making my neck all itchy just thinking about it.)

I know doing search terms is a bit of a cop out, but I’m too tired tonight to write about calligraphy, the other thing I did all day today. Better post tomorrow!

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