Sound & Spanking

Over on Hermione’s site she’s standing in for Bonnie and has asked the weekly brunch question.  This week the question is:

What effect, if any, does the sound of an implement have on you during a spanking? Do you react differently depending on how much or how little noise an implement makes? What is your preference? Do you ever choose an implement based on the sound it makes?

Sound is very important to me in spanking scene. Some implements, which objectively don’t hurt much at all, like a ping-pong paddle, have associations because of the noise they make. I associate the loud clap of a ping-pong paddle with being spanked in childhood. I tend to think the paddle hurts a lot more than it objectively does.

This holds true for other implements as well. If something really hurts, I perceive it to be noisy — even something like a cane which I know is all but silent. I’m not quite sure where this comes from, but it means I’m constantly being told by Paul that we’re making less noise than we are.  Either that or he’s trying to make me feel better.


Another week has passed and unlike the previous two, I have gone to the gym three times this week. Despite having showered I’m still drenched in smugness. 

4 thoughts on “Sound & Spanking

  1. Em

    I missed brunch this week, Mija, thanks for pointing it out. I’ll run over and see what people had to say. I really find this topic interesting, and discussed it last year on my blog in this post:
    I’ve always had a very visceral reaction to sound (music, people who speak loudly, spanking, etc), and it seems stronger when I’m tired or feeling unwell. Interestingly enough, while certain loud implements have a huge impact on how I handle a spanking, I don’t process the noise as equating to more physical pain. I can know quite clearly that an implement *doesn’t* hurt too much and still feel completely battered from the sound.

  2. judy

    One clear memory I have of this year’s Shadow Lane weekend was watching Mr. A strapping Indy and CS and being absolutely horrified at how loud it was. Apparently, my facial expressions were quite amusing to my more experienced friends. They all assured me that the loudness had nothing to do with how much the strap actually hurt. My turn came soon enough. I can still hear the loud cracks and definitely hope to hear them again!

  3. Mija

    I’ve never really thought about it before, but yes, I’ve got a strong reaction to sounds too. A loud implement does leave me feeling battered by the sound. I’m not sure I’m evolved enough to separate the sound from the pain. I just know if something is noisy it hurts me more.
    Thanks for pointing out your post. I had read it at the time but forgot about it. But yes, you’re right.


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