Monthly Archives: November 2011

Calligraphy Names: Are You Here?

I’ve been taking calligraphy classes again and am loving it.  We’ve moved from foundational hand to italic. It’s taken me a while to make the transition, but I’m finally starting to get a bit of flow. For my majuscules practice last night I did some names (and added a few more today).


Are you there? If you’re not and you want to be, leave a comment and I’ll get you next time!

For Lurking Out Loud!

As you probably already know, given the virtual hum out there, today is the day Bonnie has organized for Love Our Lurkers Day — a way of appreciating the readers of spanking blogs and giving you, the reader a hearty invitation to comment and participate.

I’m always moved by comments to my blog (well, except for the spam ones). I do read all of them and genuinely take your thoughts to heart.  It’s one reason (aside from my general flakiness) that can sometimes take a while to respond. It still amazes me that the random thoughts in my head can generate response from others.

Anyway, welcome.

Oh and so you have something to write about, what’s your favorite song right now or of all time?  Mine is “Birdhouse in Your Soul” by They Might Be Giants.  Tell us and this way I can make an el tercer ojo Lurker Playlist.  Besides, as Paul (who is too cool to be interested in his lurkers so don’t pay attention to him) is always telling me, my musical tastes are way too stuck in the 1980s. I’d love to have some cool new tunes to listen to.

PS. Did I say welcome? To friends old and new, I’m so happy to see you here.