Calligraphy Names: Are You Here?

I’ve been taking calligraphy classes again and am loving it.  We’ve moved from foundational hand to italic. It’s taken me a while to make the transition, but I’m finally starting to get a bit of flow. For my majuscules practice last night I did some names (and added a few more today).


Are you there? If you’re not and you want to be, leave a comment and I’ll get you next time!

16 thoughts on “Calligraphy Names: Are You Here?

  1. Mija

    Oops! I didn’t notice that. 🙂 Thanks for the praise. I’ll get you next time, though S is my very worst capital letter. Well, other than X, but there’s less call for that.

  2. Nimue

    I was looking through the list of names, thinking how beautiful your writing looks and wishing i had the time and/or patience to learn and then noticed my name was on there!! Diddn’t expect to see that, so thank you for making me blush slightly at seeing my name ;o)

  3. Season

    Love your calligraphy! Thanks for including my name, even though it has two of the dreaded “S” letters. (couldn’t figure out the plural of “S”) 🙂 Is that special graph paper? I do tapestry crochet work and I’d like to get slanted graph paper with rectangular cells but haven’t found any yet.


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