A Day Full of Syllabi: Advent Blog: Day 6

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As some of you know, I'm applying for academic jobs right now. This means getting materials ready to send off to various universities in the hope that one (or maybe more) will want to interview me in January. It's stressful and not fun.  Except what I did some of yesterday and most of today is fun.  I wrote up sample syllabi for a specific university.  The idea is that they want to see what how I'd teach specific courses in their catalog. I've found I really enjoy going and looking for books, seeing what's new and remembering things I've read already (or been meaning to read). It's a joy.

Like all tasks though, it's time consuming and the devil is in the details. I swear I was 80% finished at 8:00 PM and just put the final touches on the second one a few minutes ago.  I was going to skip blogging tonight but Serenity suggested I blog about writing my syllabus. So i am.  I wish I could share them on here, but I'm trying to keep my academic persona seperate from my Mija self.  It's not that I'm ashamed in anyway of what I write here, but it's too much personal information to have my students stumbling over when they search my vanilla scholarly self.  But I will recommend a book (it would be a good Christmas present) — The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea.  It's a lovely bit of magical realism and beautifully written. 

In other news, I've done very little calligraphy this week but, barring some disaster, I'm going to calligraphy class tomorrow. 

Um, that's about it. Maybe there will be a better entry tomorrow. 

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