Advent Blog 2011: Day 1

December 2011 promises to be a crazy kind of Holiday season, but I want to try doing el tercer ojo as an Advent Blog again this year, with a post of some sort (even if it’s just to tell you I like egg nog) every day.

This year, using Twitter – using #adventblog – I’m opening it up as an idea others can participate in, maybe to encourage and inspire.  With that in mind, I’ve banged together a little logo using someone else’s calendar template (hope they don’t mind). Feel free to use it or make your own. 🙂

If you do decide to play along there are no rules, no topics and no guilt for missing a day (I may struggle sometimes myself).  But do let me know either here or on Twitter.  I want to put a list of everyone Advent Blogging on my posts.  You’re welcome to do the same or not, whatever seems the most fun.

Don’t feel you have to blog about any specific topic.  My own will be about whatever is on my mind for the day, be it holiday related, kink related or some political topic I can’t leave alone.  My only suggestion is that you use this style “My Blog Title: Day X” so there’s a countdown to the 25th.

And there you have it — Advent Blog.  Will you join me?


Advent bloggers so far:

padme & Anakin – Journey to the Darkside

Marie – Life, Lemons & Spanking

EmmaEnchanted – This Kinky Life

Quai  –  Spanking Discussion

Poppy St. Vincent – Poppy’s Submissions

Sharon – The Evolution of a Pin-Up Model

Tiger – Innermost Me

3 thoughts on “Advent Blog 2011: Day 1

  1. padmeamidala

    I think this is a really great series to be a part of! I normally don’t blog very much during December but will encourage me to write more. And always fun to countdown the days til Christmas. 🙂
    I am participating in this and hope others will join us!
    padme from JTTDS


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