Amazing Blogging: Advent Blog Day 17

Several things happened today. First, Paul and I got gifts shipped off to family we won't see at Christmas (stuff heading to Ohio and England).  We had great karma with parking appearing as we needed it and stores not being too crowded. I'm especially proud of our gift for our eight year old, science geek nephew.  We got him the Grow Your Own Bacteria kit from ThinkGeek.  I'm not sure it can compete with the owl puke of last year, but I did my best.

I also set up our small Christmas tree.  We didn't get a cut tree this year as we're going to be in Oregon at Christmas, but it felt good to get the small one, which used to be my grandmother's, decorated. Paul played our holiday music for this year and by the time we finished, I felt very much in the mood to celebrate. 

The best treat of the day was surfing over and reading Kaelah's recent (well for the last month, I've fallen behind) posts.  They're thoughtful and thought provoking, all of them raising thoughts and ideas that make me want to write.  Sadly I must go to bed, but I highly recommend reading the following:

Subject: Humiliation

Do You Want Kids With That

Spanking Porn: On Compartmentalization

Hopefully I'll be able to return to these topics in the next few days — I really want to do some reflection so I can do them justice either here or in their comments section.  Meanwhile, do read them. 

2 thoughts on “Amazing Blogging: Advent Blog Day 17

  1. Kaelah

    Thanks a lot for linking to my posts, Mija! I’m glad you found them interesting and I’m flattered that you are mentioning them in your post. I hardly manage to keep up with blog reading, too, even though I “only” aim to publish nine posts this December and not 24… 🙂

  2. Mija

    Yes, but my posts have mostly all been short and haven’t been about kink — I find the amount of thoughtful writing you’ve been producing very impressive.
    It’s hard to find time to do all the reading I should. What I tend to do is try and surf though the blogs I like once ever week or two. I don’t manage that a lot. Paul has suggested (repeatedly) that I use my feedreader (I even have one installed) but I like the feeling of actually visiting my friend’s sites. It’s like having a little window into their world.


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