Dreams of Spanking: Advent Blog Day 23

Today is an exciting day in the spanking scene and I just have to post something here to celebrate. The witty and wonderful Pandora Blake has officially launched her new website, Dreams of Spanking, complete with stills and video from some of my very favorite performers.

There’s a lot about the site that I like, especially Pandora’s vision and the trouble she’s taken over settings and costumes.  The quality reflects the love and care she’s given them.

But even more than that, I like the whole concept of the site. Beginning with the site name, Dreams of Spanking affirms that whether topping or bottoming, this isn’t something that’s being done to her, but rather that she’s an active participant in an activity that’s a huge part of her sexuality and fantasy life. There’s a specificity it all that defies this pornography being able men looking at women (so it doesn’t matter what the men look like) and instead is about a female gaze as well.

This pleases me a lot, as does the attention that’s given in the stills I’ve seen to the performers’ faces.  Yes, this is about kink and their bodies, but it’s also about kink and their minds and their relationships with and desires for each other.

Wonderful.  Congratulations on realizing your dreams Pandora.  And thank you for an amazing Christmas gift.


3 thoughts on “Dreams of Spanking: Advent Blog Day 23

  1. Thomas Cameron

    Thanks for the write-up 🙂 It’s lovely to see the success and popularity of the work we’ve been doing for the last several years. Pandora has made something both special and very unusual here.

  2. Pandora Blake

    Ohhh, this is such a lovely post. I feel like you really understand where I’m coming from. So very glad that it doesn’t appear to have bellyflopped – I hope the current signup rate bodes well for the months to come! Above all things I’d like to be able to cover my costs so I can keep on doing this, it brings me so much joy and satisfaction 🙂


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