Favorite Board Game: Advent Blog Day 18

Another quick blog post made at the end of the day.  🙂

As the weather gets colder (okay, it’s Santa Monica, but we’ve got the heater on and all) I tend to want to curl up and cocoon a bit. This makes me think of sipping hot beverages and playing board games.  And when I think of playing board games I mostly think of my very favorite (and my family’s favorite too) which is Scrabble.  We all play, sometimes in bursts where we do it every night, with various styles and skills. Sometimes I play a tight defensive game.  Other times I go for the high scoring words, regardless of leaving the board open in a kind of “catch me if you can” kind of play.  Paul didn’t play when we first met, but he took to it well and, after years of my almost always winning, he now routinely trounces me. (Damn!)

I have some wonderful Scrabble memories.  Some of my favorites are of traveling on trains in Britain with Paul and playing our travel Scrabble game.  The games themselves were a fun way to pass the time, but it was also great fun to watch the nearby passengers slowly get sucked into watching the game while they pretended to read.  We’ve even played on transatlantic flights, a huge advantage for me because Paul is a tense flyer.

That said, I haven’t gotten into Words With Friends, partly because I’m not on Facebook enough and am worried about the time suck, but mostly because I take huge pleasure in the feeling of the wooden tiles in my fingers.  There’s nothing like sticking my fist in the bag and hoping not to pull out more than one letter “i”.

All this said, I wonder why I don’t play more often.  Maybe more Scrabble will be my resolution for the 2012.


2 thoughts on “Favorite Board Game: Advent Blog Day 18

  1. Serenity Everton

    Words With Friends isn’t only on FaceBook. I’ve never played it there. You can get a free app for your iPhone (with ads) from Zynga and (1) link it to your FaceBook account if you want to play with family/friends – turn off all the notifications to keep it from posting on your wall or (2) link it to your Mija identity and play with kinky people. I actually have two apps (WWF and WWFFree) so I can do both. It’s only as much of a time suck as you let it – you can play one turn a day, or only on the bus, or before bed, etc.
    Yeah, I’m corrupting you. 🙂

  2. Mija

    You look so innocent, but you’re such a naughty girl at heart.
    I’ll think about it — I didn’t know it was available without being on Facebook. My sister-in-law and mom play. If I can play as Mija rather than as my vanilla self, I just may get into it. Playing with kinky friends is always such fun. 🙂
    I’m so easily led into temptation.


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