Listening to Victorian England: Advent Blog Day 13

As you’ve probably gathered from my blog posts lately, I’ve been pretty stressed out about lots of things.  The spanking from Paul helped.  Working on my calligraphy helps.  So does baking, though I’ve done too little of that lately.

Another wonderful escape is listening to audiobooks.  Lately (for the last month) I’ve been listening to Anne Perry’s mystery series set in Victorian England. They’re lovely, full of rich detail about the period, the bad of the wrenching poverty, as well as the beauty of the lives of the English upper class.

At one point I had mixed feelings about audiobooks, holding to an odd snobbery about reading on paper. After listening to Stephan Fry read the Harry Potter books, I completely changed that point of view. A good reader can make a good book great, adding to the enjoyment of the text. I’ve found I like being read to and, as I read rather too fast sometimes, the act of being read to slows me down and can make me appreciate details of the text.  It’s also nice to be able to “read” while doing other things, like practicing my lettering. The act of having my hands occupied with calligraphy, while my brain is listening to a story is engrossing and leaves no room for the anxiety to creep in and distract me.

So what do you think of audiobooks or Anne Perry? Have you gotten into either?

And yes, there are very occasional references to “discipline” of various kinds. As ever, those unexpected moments give me a special thrill.


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One thought on “Listening to Victorian England: Advent Blog Day 13

  1. Indy

    Oh, dear! There are more of these than Henning Mankell’s, and it took me long enough to read those! Good job I’m going on vacation tomorrow…


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