Such a Manic Sunday: Advent Blog Day 11

This was not a quiet day. I'm not sure how it ended up being so busy, except that my dad was home all day and we seemed to move from task to task.  Still, it was a good day in that I feel I got a fair few things done.  

The most impressive of these is that I changed the lock on the front door. It needed to be done because my purse (which had my keys and our address in it) has not yet been returned. It's a little scary to think of someone we don't know having keys to our door. So I went to the hardware store and bought a lock that looked a lot like the one that was already on it. I did think of maybe calling a locksmith to have the place re-keyed, but then considered that having them come out would cost more than doing it myself, plus, worst case, I'd have to have a locksmith come out and do the install.  Might as well give it a go.  Anyway, Casey was sure I could do it.  It also gave me an excuse to use my Hitachi (power drill), something I find very exciting.

It was all much easier than I expected and took, total, less than 15 minutes. I made my dad and Paul come and admire it and preened about it on Twitter. Clearly, from this post, you may have gleened I'm still proud. 

I spent most of the rest of the day working on materials for the course I'm teaching next semester. Sadly the book I most want to teach, This Bridge Called My Back, is out of print. Happily, a couple hours worth of work and I've found all but two chapters on the web as PDFs.  It's not as good at them having the actual book, but at least the students will be able to read it. Also in preparation for teaching, Paul did heroic work and divided up my academic domain so I can have mutiple WordPress blogs on it, which means I can construct a website / blog for the course. So I spent the second half of the day working on that. I swear the hardest part (for me) about using word press is figuring out what theme to use and then how to make it do what I want.  I'm not good with too many choices.

Purse-aftermath-update (no, it's not over)

Okay so now I've changed the lock and have begun to replace credit cards and the like. I'm still hoping it comes back in the next week or I'll have to go in and get a new driver's licence (ugh!).  I've also talked with my therapist about how to be more mindful when I'm stressed out — basically I need to be aware that when I'm stressed my ability to do things on auto-pilot is diminished. Paul's been really wonderful about not making me feel bad for being careless, but we talked about it a bit during our scene yesterday. Today we talked about it a bit more and he's offered to / said he's going to be aware of me being aware. 

That's not as good as having my purse back, but it's a help. 

3 thoughts on “Such a Manic Sunday: Advent Blog Day 11

  1. Em

    As I mentioned on twitter, I’m incredibly impressed by your replacing the lock! I don’t think doing something like that would have even crossed my mind, had I been in that situation.
    I’ve never really given it much thought before, but although I’m an incredibly competent person in many respects, this sort of handywork is not something I’ve ever been good at. I don’t know how to do anything to my car other than drive it and periodically take it in to be fixed. I am an excellent cook, but the one time my stove malfunctioned I called the fire department. I wonder if my inability to fix mechanical things is due to apathy or a genuine lack of skill. Probably a bit of both.
    I do have a drill, though, and I do love using it 🙂

  2. Kaelah

    I’m very sorry to hear that your purse didn’t come back. Mija. Losing the money is one thing, but all the (paper)work that comes with losing one’s credit cards, keys, ID-card, drivers license and alike is the really horrible part. I hope that everything will be settled until the holidays, though!


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