The Cyst That Wasn’t: Advent Blog Day 14

First, let me preface this by saying there's nothing seriously wrong. But as I'm blogging every day and this is what happened today, I'm going write about it.  Also, it isn't serious, but I'm still a bit freaked out. Fair warning, if you're squimish about things medical, you may want to skip this blog post.

It started with a bump on my stomach.  I thought it was a boil actually on an old incision line.  It came to a head and opened in the revolting way such things do.  But then it wouldn't go away — kept coming back in the same place and getting a bit worse each time before healing and going away.  I stopped thinking it was just a boil and started wondering if maybe when I had surgery something like a staple had been left inside (yes, I'd been Googling).  So I made an appointment with a doctor to have it looked at.  Meanwhile, as I waited for my appointment it got worse and even grosser.

The doctor wasn't too concerned, though she agreed with me it was very gross (well, she didn't say that, but said she understood why I was grossed out by it).  She treated it, prescribed some cream to put on it under the dressing and then told me what she thought.  She said she thought I had a cyst which would, unless the cream cleared it up, would need very minor surgery to remove. However, since this was the site of a surgery, she wanted me to have a CT scan to see if I'd developed a hernia, which would need a slightly less minor surgery to repaiir.  

I went in for the CT scan on that terrible Friday.  Meanwhile, the cream seemed to be working a treat.  I got a call that evening telling me I did indeed have a hernia and would I come back in to talk about treatment.  I was a bit disturbed at the thought of surgery, mostly wondering how I was going to schedule it and my recovery around my teaching schedule next semester.  More annoyed then worried.  

Today I went in to hear more about the CT scan.  A second surgeon was called in.  This is where it started to get a little freakier. Apparently I have a enterocutaneous fistula which basically means I have a hernia but in addition to that, part of my small intestine has pushed its way through the opening in the muscle and attached itself to the underside of my skin. My skin doesn't like that and is draining in annoyance.  In the works are more follow-up appointments and what is still basically very minor surgery sometime in the new year.  It's not serious unless I start having a raft of symptoms which I don't have.

But, as I said earlier, I'm still freaked out.

In other news, I did the calligraphy for our Christmas CD covers and drew a small snowman to make it festive.  I'll put the playlist and a picture up tomorrow.    


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