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Not So Numb

Yesterday evening something special happened. I was on Twitter with Serenity, Marie, Emma, Indy and others.

As you may have gathered from my earlier postings, I haven’t felt kinky or playful in a long time. But on Twitter last night I did. Without even realizing it, I tried out a persona of Indy’s governess, one with a hairbrush. This isn’t something I feel often, but Indy is both a joy to play with and also definitely needs someone to look after her a bit. So these exchanges, building on some scenes we’d had at Shadow Lane, were just the right kinky fun.

In the past, I’ve only identified as a bottom, even though I do sometimes spank friends. But last night I only wanted to top, felt comfortable in that identity.

Indy was feeling playful too and fed into it, ultimately sharing a story she had written a while before and never posted. I went to read it with a bit of dread. One of the things that hasn’t worked for me in a while is spanking fiction. But I read this and felt a long absent rush. It’s a great governess / hairbrush story with a moment that feels heart shakingly real. Go read it:

Feel like, bit by bit, I’m coming back.

Eaten Post

TypePad, who I'm mostly very fond of, seems to be having issues with me composing online. This is frustrating because I like being able to compose online and find it annoying to use a text editor. But this is the third time in three weeks that TypePad has hung while posting and my post has been lost. Grrr!

So what did I write about? It was a Friday Firsts post about what my original fetish is and how I've added one as a result of my relationship with Paul.  I don't have the heart to re-write it right now but will try and give it a go tomorrow after my calligraphy playdate.

I guess it's just been one of those days. Still, Paul brought me home some chocolate.

Recent Search Terms

There are the usual:

  • hand spanking
  • hand tawsing
  • shadow lane parties
  • Niki Flynn
  • Alex Birch

There are the not surprising:

  • short pants caning
  • hands strapped punished
  • fetish saddle shoes
  • spanked in uniform
  • the sting and cut of the cane

And then there are the odd:

  • dallas spanks hard for amelie rutherford (odd in the sense that I had no idea these words came together anywhere on this blog. Until now I mean.)
  • bob dylan spanked (I just can’t imagine this one.)
  • scott o’rourke art (I don’t even know who this is.)
  • collar tied shut (You’re making my neck all itchy just thinking about it.)

I know doing search terms is a bit of a cop out, but I’m too tired tonight to write about calligraphy, the other thing I did all day today. Better post tomorrow!

Postscript to Gingering Up sparkle

Last week there was a lot of discussion on sparkle's blog about what to do with the extra bit of ginger that was sitting in the 'fridge taunting sparkle.  Knowing her beloved, I suggested she make Chris some cookies and posted my recipe for triple ginger ones.

Just now Paul got a package in the mail. (???)  What could it be?  

Ginger cookies from sparkle of course!  Isn't she just the sweetest?  Thank you!  What a wonderful last-day-of-spring break.

The Missing Tweets

During the drive to Vegas, I tried to Twitter the trip from my phone.  Sadly the tweets didn't show up. They're hardly little epics, but I hate it to seem like I didn't try, so here they are.  

On the road at last.  We're listening to Flanders & Swann and driving east on the 60. I suck at text twittering.

We just passed a sign for Barstow.

Houses in Victorville are selling for 99K. We are halfway there. Musing as to what other cars are heading to shadow lane.

Too late to stop for lunch, too early to stop for dinner.  Pit stop in Baker (worlds tallest thermometer), onward to Vegas.

Crossing into Nevada as I twit.  Texts are getting to Niki's phone – hoping to have dinner before the vendor faire.

Made it to Vegas. Traffic is backed up at the exit.

And so now you know.  

Back to Pablo and Bridget on the bed.  

Cause and Effect?

So this evening, the lovely Adele Haze announced she was starting to tweet.  

Five minutes later as I went to check and see if there was anything new (after I'd started stalking following her), I got the following message from Twitter:

Twitter is over capacity.
Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.
Coincidence?  I think not!


Don’t Panic! Everything’s Under Control!

elevator-doorsThis past week I spent a lot of time at Cedar Sinai Hospital.  My mother was in having surgery on her stomach and esophagus (it went very well, thank you for asking).  It’s a wonderful hospital and her care has been amazing.  However, I did see this sign in the main elevators.  If this is intended to reassure, I’m not sure that this sign serves its intended purpose.

I mean, I’m not usually at all nervous on elevators, but this sign left me imagining plunging to my death just before the car runs out of air.
(Note: I did not take this picture.  Someone else had already done so and loaded it to Flicker.)


Things I’d love to hear someone ask Bush.

You said no one imagined flood waters would break out of the levies in the event of a catagory 4 hurricane.  Is the Army Corps of Engineers really "no one"?

Why wasn’t there any federal help to evacuate the poor from New Orleans in the two days before the storm?

Four *days* after the storm passed, where is the federal assistance?  How can we have people who’ve been "rescued" by neighbors dying because they aren’t getting basic medicine?  Are we just waiting for them to starve to death or die of thirst?

The city leaders of New Orleans have requested 40,000 more guard troops.  You said there will be 30,000 more for the Gulf area.  Where will the extra help come from? 

He says the people there should wait, help is coming.  How long should they wait?  Moreover, how long can they?

Open heart

I’ve watched with some wonder how a close friend of mine and her husband have opened their hearts in the last week. Like a number of couples in their mid-thirties, they’ve wanted to have children for the last few years. Unlike most couples I’ve known though, they haven’t been able to have biological children. No one really knows why — which is part of what makes the infertility process so hard and terrible.

A little less than a year ago, they started looking into adoption. They decided on an agency that specialised in open adoption so that they would know that the birth mother’s choices would be respected and so their child would always be able to findout about himself, including knowing about his biological parents. P (my boyfriend) helped them build a website to tell their story to perspective mothers, and well, that was it.

I wanted to ask how things were going, but one of the things you learn when friends are trying to have a child is that sometimes they need to not talk about it as much as other times they need to talk about it.

So does this story have a happy ending? I think so. They got contacted about 10 days ago by a birthmother with a 10 month old boy who she’s realized she can’t keep. Last week, the birthmother gave the child to my friends. In six months, assuming all goes well, the adoption will be final.

The day or two before he came, my friends were in a frenzy of activity, getting his nursery ready, and, most important, opening their hearts — even knowing it could all fall through and they could be devestated. Their ability to do this for a child they didn’t even know increased my love for them.

GOP to spinal cord victims “See what happens when you support the wrong party?”

The LA Weekly is reporting that even before actor Christopher Reeve’s body is cold, Republicans in Congress are playing politics with the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act, which has already passed in the House in a 418 to O vote, and, prior to this week, was expected to sail easily through its Senate vote.

What would the bill do? Basically make life a little better for about two million paralysed Americans without costing anything.

So why the delay? Apparently Christopher Reeve is being punished (yes, you’d think being paralysed from the neck down and then dying would be enough, but no) for speaking out a little too loudly in support of stem-cell research. There’s nothing about stem-cell research in this bill, but that’s apparently not the point.

Further, a spokesman commenting for the Christopher Reeve foundation believes the Senate Republicans wouldn’t have dared do this were Christopher Reeve alive.

So the cause to which he devoted his post accident public life takes a hit because of his politics. Never mind the millions that could be helped. Just when you think the Republicans can’t sink any lower.

Little wonder that his widow, Dana Reeve, today announced that she’ll be supporting John Kerry.

Me too. I just wish I got to vote twice. Once for Kerry and again against Bush.